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Do you want to save hundreds on car insurance? Don’t waste your time doing it the old fashion way. We can help you compare multiple cheap car insurance quotes within minutes. The information we provide will help you make the best choice when choosing the right car insurance for your needs.

Discounts Make Car Insurance More Affordable

The cheapest car insurance policies are affordable because they include a number of discounts. Find out which discounts you are eligible for by simply scanning the affordable auto insurance (discounts) page of each insurance company’s website. If you see available discounts that would make your insurance more affordable, call to inquire, and ask for quotes on auto insurance premium rates. Here are some of the discounts that may allow you the cheapest car insurance rates.

  • Good Driver Discount: You can lower your auto insurance rates by going at least three years without accidents or moving violations.
  • Good Student Discount: Get a cheap car insurance quote by maintaining a certain GPA.
  • Safety Feature Discount: Lower your car insurance rates even further with factory installed airbags or other protective features.
  • Anti Theft Discount: Make your auto insurance rates more affordable with installed car alarms or other anti theft devices.
  • Multi Vehicle Discount: Save big on your auto insurance policy by insuring more than one vehicle.
  • Multi Policy Discount: Get the cheapest car insurance quotes by having more than one policy with the same provider.
  • Senior Discount: Auto insurance is cheap and affordable for people age 55 and older who take a defensive driving course.
  • Online Purchase Discount: Reduce your rates by purchasing a cheap car insurance policy online.
  • Paypal Discount: You can even get more affordable quotes on car insurance for simply having an active Paypal account.
  • PIF Discount: Slash your policy rates by paying your auto insurance premium all at once, instead of month by month.

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Cheap Car Insurance by Occupation


What do you do for a living?

This may seem like a weird question for an auto insurance agent to ask you. It might make sense for the agent to know how much money you earn, but how would someone’s exact job title make car insurance rates more affordable?

As it turns out, it matters a lot to auto insurance underwriters what sort of work you do, and whether or not you are a student, when they calculate your car insurance quotes. People with certain types of jobs are perceived by underwriters as safer drivers, and therefore get more affordable car insurance premium rates, than people with other types of jobs. Your job title can either raise your rates on car insurance, or actually earn you a discount. In terms of auto insurance quotes and affordable premium rates, it can matter just as much how you spend most of your time as it does how much money you make.

Find out if your occupation might qualify you for cheap rates on car insurance, and which car insurance companies might serve you best for that purpose. Also learn how you can “tweak” your job title to qualify for more affordable rates with an occupation discount.

Make your job work for you with occupational discount rates. Find the cheapest possible car insurance quotes today.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes In Your State

Driving laws and practices vary from state to state. For instance, each state has its own minimum required car insurance liability coverage for registered vehicles. Also, some states are no-fault states, where auto insurance pays out no matter who is at fault, and some states are tort states, where fault is calculated as a factor in determining the auto insurance payout. Affordable car insurance is cheaper in some states than others. Quotes and rates can vary greatly from one zip code to the next. Among the factors affecting car insurance premium rates in your state are state laws, weather conditions, population density, crime rates, DUI statistics, the percentage of uninsured drivers on the roads, and other considerations that influence affordable car insurance.

Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Covers the cost of bodily injury to others caused by an auto accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Covers the cost of bodily injury to the driver and passengers.
  • Property Damage Liability: This type of car insurance pays for property damage caused by an auto accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance (UMI): For This affordable auto insurance covers the cost of accidents involving uninsured or underinsured drivers. In some states, UMI is required.
  • Collision Coverage: For slightly higher rates, this car insurance will cover the cost of crashing your car into anything other than an animal.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This type of car insurance is also known as OTC (other than collision). It covers events such as fire, theft, vandalism, and hitting animals that run in front of your car.
  • Gap Insurance: This affordable car insurance pays the difference between the actual value of your totaled vehicle and the money you still owe on it.
  • Interior Vehicle Coverage: For higher rates, this auto insurance pays for the loss of a driver’s personal belongings left inside the vehicle.
  • Rental Car Coverage: This type of auto insurance covers the cost of a rental car until your car is either repaired or replaced.
  • Replacement Car Coverage: If your car is totaled, this insurance guarantees you a new car of the same kind, but less than a year old. Auto insurance quotes may not be the cheapest when this type of coverage is included.
  • Pet Injury Insurance: This insurance covers the medical expenses of pets injured in auto accidents.

Is your little one growing up so fast? This may be a good time to learn what you need to know about affordable auto insurance for teens. Families with teen drivers, as well as the teen drivers themselves, will find this information useful. Here’s where you can review the most frequently asked questions about teen drivers and teen auto insurance rates.

Know about teen traffic accident statistics, teen auto safety tips, and reduced car insurance rates for teen drivers. Also see a list of reputable car insurance companies that offer special deals and lower auto insurance rates to teen drivers. Learn about average teen car insurance premium rates, car insurance discounts that make teen policies affordable, state traffic laws pertaining to teen drivers, whether or not to get your teen onto the family auto insurance policy, and the most highly recommended types of cars for teens. (Spoiler alert: Sorry, teens. The most highly recommended cars for you are not hot rods).

Get your teen ready for the road today! We provide everything teens and their parents need to know about affordable rates on teen car insurance. When it comes to keeping your teen (and your finances) safe from serious harm, a little knowledge goes a very long way.

Is someone in your family headed to college this fall? As if it isn’t enough to worry about tuition, boarding, text books, and maybe even a car, many of us also need to consider the cost of car insurance rates for college students. Perhaps the time has come to find out all you can know about how to score the cheapest quotes on college student car insurance.

This page will benefit college student drivers and their immediate families, by showing you how to make car insurance rates more affordable for them. Review some of the most frequently asked questions about college student drivers and their options for cheap auto insurance policies.  Learn about college driver safety tips and reduced rates on college student auto insurance premiums. Also see a list of major car insurance carriers that feature special deals designed to entice college student drivers to buy policies. Find out about average car insurance premium rates, college student auto insurance discounts, state traffic laws, accident statistics for young drivers, affordable family car insurance policy options, and the types of cars for college students that require the cheapest auto insurance, among other important details.

Know all the facts that college drivers and their families need to know regarding college student car insurance. Here’s how to keep your young driver safe, and at the same time, make your auto insurance premium rates as affordable as possible.

Are you, or is someone in your family a senior driver? In terms of cheap car insurance, depending on the state in which you live, and also on the organizations to which you belong, your status as a senior driver can start anywhere from age 50 to age 65.

Learn all the facts you need to know about affordable senior car insurance in the United States. Here is where seniors and their families can review all the details involved in scoring the cheapest senior auto insurance policies. Take a look at this collection of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to senior drivers and senior car insurance rates.

See a list of auto safety tips for seniors, a list of senior discounts on car insurance rates, and a descriptive list of major auto insurance carriers and organizations with special deals to make car insurance affordable for seniors. Also included is data pertaining to average car insurance premium rates, techniques used by seniors for reducing rates, senior auto accident statistics, senior car insurance policy options, and other factors that may affect affordable premiums on senior car insurance.

We feature all the information that senior drivers and their families need to know about senior auto insurance and how to grab the cheapest rates. Read this and learn how to drive safely, while also saving money on auto insurance premiums.

Are you thinking of starting a business that requires driving? If so, perhaps the time has come to find out all you need to know about the cheapest commercial car insurance you can get. This page answers at least a dozen frequently asked questions about affordable commercial auto insurance for American businesses, such as:

  • Is commercial car insurance tax deductible?
  • What types of businesses need commercial auto insurance?
  • What types of coverage are offered on a commercial car insurance policy?
  • What factors affect premium rates on commercial auto insurance?
  • What is the approximate cost of commercial car insurance?

… and many more.

This auto insurance information will benefit car-dependent business owners and their families, all over America. Learn about the difference between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance. Find out which type of car insurance costs more and why. See which vehicles, drivers, and situations are covered under commercial car insurance policies. Check out the many discounts available to owners of commercially insured vehicles. Reduce your commercial car insurance rates accordingly.

We include all the details that business owners and their families need to know regarding commercial car insurance. Here’s how to keep your business and your finances safe, while also saving money on commercial auto insurance premium rates.

Read this and dream on!

Here’s where you can learn about luxury cars and get quotes on luxury car insurance. Find out how millionaires insure their vehicles. Learn about umbrella car insurance policies and self insurance. Read about some super famous luxury car collectors. Their car insurance rates are surprisingly affordable! As we all know, if someone can find a luxury car affordable, they will also find the car insurance affordable. Car insurance rates for the rich are not as painful as we might have imagined.

Are you thinking of buying your dream car? There may be more to it than just dreaming. But for now, you can read about the most expensive cars in America, the types of insurance they need, and the lucky individuals who find them affordable.

This auto insurance info will benefit luxury car owners and dreamers alike. Whether you drive an exotic car, a custom built auto, a fancy new vehicle, or a classic vintage model, this article answers some frequently asked questions about luxury cars and luxury car insurance quotes. You can also review some sound maintenance tips for keeping your gorgeous set of wheels in prime condition, thus reducing your auto insurance premium rates even further.

Benefits Of Online Car Insurance Quotes

There are many benefits to receiving online auto insurance quotes, as opposed to calling an auto insurance agent, or physically visiting an agent’s office for cheap car insurance.

Online quotes can do it all. They are instantly more affordable just from the discount you get for buying your car insurance policy online. Online quotes also include factoring in certain car insurance discounts based on your demographic information. You get to choose your auto insurance coverage types, levels, and limits from a clear list of affordable options. You can even get several quotes from the same car insurance company by changing the parameters a bit. For example, if you are over 55, the online quote tool may factor in a senior discount on your car insurance policy. If you are under 25, you may be prompted with a question about school for a possible good student car insurance discount. You will probably also be asked of or not if you already have another insurance policy with that company. This could make you eligible for a multi policy discount, which will reduce your car insurance rates even further. Compare these quotes with other auto insurance companies, using the same parameters.

Once you receive your online quotes, it might benefit you to call an agent to ask about any other potentially available car insurance discounts not already mentioned online. Doing this can’t hurt, and can reduce your annual premium rates to a minimum. The more discounts you qualify for, the lower your rates will be on cheap car insurance.

Here are just a few reasons why obtaining cheap car insurance via online quotes is so much easier than doing things the old fashioned way:

Easy Access

All you need is a internet connection anywhere in the world to get as many online car insurance quotes as you desire. What’s more, the internet is open 24/7! Gone are the days of waiting for an agent to call you back.


You can obtain affordable online auto insurance quotes without making a single phone call, without dealing with a single live agent, and without even getting up out of your favorite chair. How much more convenient can cheap car insurance get?


Online quotes for car insurance are generally as cheap or even cheaper than the quotes you might get through an auto insurance agent. One reason is that the auto insurance agent gets a commission. Who needs the middleman?

Time Efficiency

Online auto insurance quotes are much faster than phone quotes, and a whole lot faster than face-to-face meetings with car insurance agents. In our DIY generation, time is money! From start to finish, it takes about 5 or 6 minutes to get quotes on your car insurance premium rates.

Choosing the Cheapest Car Insurance Provider

It only takes about five minutes to get an affordable auto insurance quote. In one hour, you can do some serious quotes comparisons. These days, most people buy cheap auto insurance policies online. Here is a simple, step by step approach to getting the cheapest possible auto insurance policy for your uniquely personal needs, and doing it all online.

1. Get a good, old fashioned pen and paper ready. You’ll need it to record online quotes from a number of auto insurance companies.

2. Write down the type of car insurance policy you want, including liability limits, types of coverage, affordable rates, and whatever else is important to you.

3. Visit our states page to read up on auto insurance laws, cheap coverage options, and other state-specific information. Look up your state.

4. Visit our car insurance companies page and select at least a few affordable major carriers, and also search at least two smaller, regional carriers who are licensed to issue quotes and write policies in your state. Make a list of these carriers.

5. Visit the website of each car insurance company you chose. For each company website, input your zip code and demographic information. Obtain online quotes from all of your chosen car insurance companies. Write down the quotes from each different company.

6. Compare these online quotes. You will probably notice that one of these car insurance companies offers the cheapest rates. However, before you decide to buy the policy…

7. READ CONSUMER REVIEWS! This step cannot be stressed strongly enough. There’s no point in having a cheap car insurance policy if the company has a reputation for abysmal customer service, or even worse, not paying out when an auto accident occurs. Some drivers have to find out the hard way that the cheapest auto insurance policy is not necessarily the best.

8. Once you have selected the auto insurance company that works best for you, purchase your policy online. This will get you the cheapest rates on auto insurance.

9. When you receive your auto insurance policy, read it carefully, thoroughly, and twice! Know what is covered and what is not. Avoid unpleasant surprises.

10. Drive safely! The best way to maintain low rates on your auto insurance policy is if you never need to use it.

SR-22 Insurance

An SR-22 is a form that must be filed with the state by drivers who have been involved in DUIs, or were found to be at fault in an accident that caused bodily injury to others, and didn’t have even the minimum insurance coverage required by state law. These people are known as “high risk drivers.”

An SR-22 is issued by a car insurance company, but high risk drivers are avoided like the plague by a lot of car insurance companies. Many carriers will not insure drivers who have to file an SR-22 with the state to prove that they are insured. However, some carriers will, at a cost. Naturally, an SR-22 is accompanied by much higher premium rates.

Many high risk driver licenses revoked, and an SR-22 form is required as the first step in getting a license reinstated.

The good news is that after a few years of maintaining a clean driving record, most drivers will no longer have to file the dreaded SR-22, and may one day again be able to get cheap car insurance online.

Car accidents

Auto Accident Rates

According to various personal injury lawyers, America sees roughly 16 million auto accidents each year. Although most of these accidents do not cause injuries, about 3 million people are injured (and more than 30,000 are killed) each year in auto accidents. In fact, traffic accidents are the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 4 and 34. Auto accidents are the primary reason why drivers need car insurance.

Car Insurance Facts

Here are ten fast facts you may not know about auto insurance:

1. America began manufacturing affordable cars with combustion engines in 1901. In 1927, Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to require auto insurance.

2. Auto insurance is tax deductible for business purposes, such as driving your car to work, or using your car as part of your job. However, commercial auto insurance rates are higher than the rates for personal car insurance.

3. Auto insurance premium rates can be affected by the occupation of the policyholder. Teachers and engineers get the biggest discounts. Race car drivers do not. Other occupations deemed safer by insurance carriers include clergy members, police officers, mechanics who can fix their own vehicles, and insurance underwriters who can write their own policies.

4. In most states, your credit score does affect your auto insurance premium rates.

5. Personal items in a damaged car are not covered under your auto insurance policy, unless you purchased additional insurance specifically for that purpose.

6. Collision Coverage pays for damages on a car that has flipped over. Car insurance carriers see it as the vehicle “colliding” with the ground.

7. The only type of collision covered under Comprehensive car insurance is when an animal collides with a vehicle.

8. In the states of Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia, as well as Washington DC, a driver who is any part at fault for an auto accident cannot collect insurance money from the auto insurance policy of the other driver.

9. Auto insurance premium rates are highly affected by the percentage of uninsured drivers on the road. Oklahoma has the highest rate of uninsured drivers of any state, where 26 percent of all claims involve uninsured drivers. That’s why Oklahoma is one of the least affordable states in terms of car insurance rates.

10. There is no limit to the number of discounts you can have on your auto insurance policy. You are allowed to have all the discounts for which you qualify. These discounts can reduce your annual premiums considerably. Discounts allow most drivers affordable rates on car insurance.