Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance

This page features helpful Tips For Purchasing Auto Insurance.

When you’re shopping around for the least expensive car insurance policy, count on these handy tips to help you find your lowest possible annual premium rates. Each state has different auto insurance requirements. Some states even have state-run programs to ease the sting of paying for car insurance. Click on any individual state on the States page to check on laws, average annual premiums, favored carriers, and discounts in that state.

Still, some tips for purchasing auto insurance apply all over America. Here are seven great tips for lowering the cost of auto insurance, wherever you happen to be:

1. Don’t drive your car. Leave it in a safe, covered location, and take public transportation to work or to school, or anywhere else. Maybe you’ll join a carpool. Or maybe consider working closer to home. The point is, if you get a car and avoid driving it for three to five years, you will have a perfect, accident-free driving record. This will entitle you to several money-saving, “good driver” discounts.

2. Get a different car. Your car does not need to be a status symbol if you’re trying to save money. Insurance premiums cost less on a less valuable car. Buy a good used car at a low price. You can also save money with a vehicle safety discount, by getting a car with installed airbags, car alarms, or other safety features.

3. If you have another insurance policy, such as homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, life insurance, or insurance on another vehicle, you can almost certainly score a multi policy discount, as long as both policies are written by the same insurance carrier.

4. Call at least five or six auto insurance carriers, and ask for a free quote. Insurance companies are competitive, which means they are all about the same. But they are not exactly the same. One of them will quote you the cheapest rate for the policy you want.

5. Pay your annual premium up front, in full. This will save you more money than if you pay month by month, because it saves the carrier money in administrative processing costs.

6. Increase your deductible. This will lower your annual premium rate. Just be careful not to get in an accident! If the accident doesn’t kill you, the out-of-pocket expenses might.

7. Live alone. Car insurance carriers frown on drivers who live with roommates. Perhaps they assume the roommates will be borrowing (or at least riding in) your car.

Unusual Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance

All of these tips will save you money as you go through the process of buying auto insurance. Whether you buy your policy online, by phone, or face to face in the office of a local auto insurance agent, the tips outlined above are just a few creative ways to lower your annual premium rates on auto insurance.

For other feasible measures to reduce your car insurance premiums, click on the link below.